FemME trailer is in process

One of the supporting friends is Layered Reality Productions. They support FemME by creating a TRAILER for the festival. This will be available very soon. In the mean time you can look at another video from Adeia – produced by Layered Reality Production. Layered Reality[…]

Hadassa about theNAME and FemME

In an interview for Metal Exposure Hadassa Kosten tells her story. Her initial musical ideas, how she’s got into theNAME and some touring experiences. She is also refering to FemME. Not only from a performer perspective  but also as a newby fashion model: “… outfits[…]

Large is supporting FemME

        If you might have noticed, a logo of Large pop merchandising has appeared on the flyer. Large will support us with flyer promotion, presence on their website and merchandise. More on the merchandise later.

All bands

From all bands the bio and at least one video is present. Also details on venue, hotel arrangements (when needed). More will be added soon