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FemME in October is getting closer. In the time to the festival I will give some personal notes related to the bands that will perform on FemME. The first one is Aeverium. This band from Germany is picked as first one because of their performance in a couple days (12 September) at the FemME Club Tour in JC TODO (Best – The Netherlands). Why did I pick Aeverium. It’s a relatively young band but they already have a mature sound. Interestingly they have double vocals (male / female) and with that they don’t match the usually expected operatic setting. The first time I heard them was when they were support of MaYaN (headliner FemME 2014). I was impressed by the power of the band, the energy on stage and the already clear own identity.  I met them again in a very inconvenient stage setting in Belgium and even then they were able to provide an energetic and top level show. And like most people in the scene they are very nice people and very accessible. It was no surprise that they were later on support of Xandria. As said they have their own identity and bring a mix of death and power metal. The duo bring associations with Lacuna Coil, but for sure they are no copy. It’s an interesting band with a great album “Break Out” released March 2015 which is a candidate of my top 10 of 2015. Let you surprise by this talented band.

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  1. Hendrik - 09/09/2015 19:02

    No more surprise for me! :-) I can confirm everything written above: A brillant pick for FemME! When I first recognized that they will perform at FemME, I didn’t know them but was curious, when I realized they would replace Diabulus in Musica as support at the rescheduled Xandria gig in Frankfurt in April. The gig was totally convincing! Their album “Break Out” is definitely a top 10 this year. I can hardly wait for 16/17 October – not ONLY for Aeverium – but in fact I’m specially looking forward to see them again!


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