Lovelorn Dolls


Lovelorn Dolls

Lovelorn Dolls promo picture 002_resizeHailing from Brussels – Belgium, LOVELORN DOLLS is the artistic expression of the duo Ladyhell (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Corpus Christi (music, programming, guitars, production).

Just how childhood can get drawn into a fantasy world, LOVELORN DOLLS lead you into an extraordinary, dark but romantic universe where Tim Burton’s visuals collide against the glam touch of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE or yet the extravaganza of a MARILYN MANSON. An exciting musical landscape mixing alternative, electro and rock and bringing allusions to acts like LACUNA COIL, EVANESCENCE and GARBAGE.

After a much acclaimed self-released EP “An Intense Feeling Of Affection” and numerous concerts across Benelux and France, the duo started recording their debut album together with renown producer Victor Love (DOPE STARS INC., OMEGA LITHIUM, etc.) and signed to the Belgian label Alfa Matrix.

Their debut album carried us in the fairyland of “The House Of Wonders”, a full length album rich in somber colored atmospheres, infectious beautiful melodies, carrying charming female vocals, incisive guitars and percussive drum patterns. “The House Of Wonders” put LOVELORN DOLLS in orbit on planet goth rock metal industrial.

Last year, Lovelorn Dolls released their second album: “Japaese Robot Invasion”. It explores the dark side of humanity. Violence, sex, war and invasion, drugs, cancer, evil creatures, …

Lovelorn Dolls can be described as a mixture of rock, alternative, metal and electronic touches.