Dyonisis are a Sheffield quartet fuse elements of rock, trip-hop and folk into deceptively gentle, hypnotic landscapes out of which the dual vocal harmonies of singers Nel and Lou sting forth with intensely personal lyrics and a flair for melody. This is psychedelia for the[…]


Aria Flame

  Aria Flame is an American neo-classical symphonic metal band with European flair hailing from Michigan. Utilizing operatic and rock style vocals, powerful guitar riffs and solos, symphonic keyboards and intricate bass and drums, the members of Aria Flame are truly professional performers. Their musical[…]

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These Swedish metal heads are on stage since the end of the 80’s. Originator, singer and guitarist Christofer Johnsson is still the key member, however the band developed both musically and in line-up. Medieval vocal lines are mixed with metal riffs, prog rock solos and gothic elements. A little different from the initial death metal!! Celtic Frost, Pink Floyd, but Iron Maiden and classic composer Richard Wagner are part[…]



With Sacrificium, released in May 2014, XANDRIA took another big musical step. Once again, the orchestrations are arranged by Joost van den Broek, who now also acts as a co-producer. In addition to the real string instruments and authentic Celtic whistles and pipes, the band works[…]

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Stream of Passion

The 18th of April 2014 marks the release of “A War of Our Own, the latest album from Dutch metal band Stream of Passion. The title was inspired by the unusual path the band had to take in order to make this album a reality;[…]



Think of a huge orchestra and a massive symphonic choir intertwined with powerful riffs and enchanting melodies from a clear and passionate feminine voice, and you’ll get an idea of what WHYZDOM have managed to create. Their classical influences ranging from the romantic to the[…]


Kingfisher Sky

Kingfisher Sky is averse to musical trends and hypes. That could be seen already when  drummer Ivar de Graaf left the successful band Within Temptation in 2001 when it finally breaks through with the (third) album Mother Earth. Together with his partner, the classically trained singer Judith Rijnveld, works[…]


Purest of Pain

  Purest of Pain is formed in 2008 by lead guitarist and songwriter Merel Bechtold. Early 2011 Purest of Pain got selected for the regional band competition Clash of the Titans. About sixty bands were selected to participate in this non-metal competition. Purest of Pain[…]



The Dutch Autumn is playing successfully for 15 years in the international metal scene. Autumn’s roots remain firmly planted in heavy rock/guitar-oriented soil, their branches are stretching out to more progressive musical genres and alternative approaches to the sound of individual songs. The band now[…]



Six people in Viersen (Germany) decided to give everything it takes to achieve their shared dream: Become a well known metal band playing the big festivals and getting heard all over the globe.Their music is hard to pigeon- hole in generally. So it´s hard to say, that[…]