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T Shirt 2015

The T-shirts 2015 are re-ordered and delivered. Now we can start the sales on the webpage. See under Shop. We’re still working on the DVD. It will still take some time to get all back from the bands and then complete the videos.


Line-up Saturday & Sunday

Finally we can announce. Because of the delay we were able to complete the line-up and do not need to tease you any longer. We’re very happy with headliner ARCH ENEMY (Sweden). And of course also with all the other bands: THE BIRTHDAY  MASSACRE (Canada),[…]



The successful second edition is only a few weeks behind. However, it is already time to think about the third edition in 2016. The formula with 2 stages is well received and will be continued. The main event will now take place on Saturday 24[…]

140510-03 Dyonisis 015 [Marcus Cave, Nel Cave, Louisa Welsby]


The only thing I can say about Dyonisis is, that they are special. If you will use the common definition of Metal  I have to admit it’s not Metal. There are hints towards more heavy music but the most is melancholic and melodic. The reason[…]

150509-07 Whyzdom 039 [Band]


The Metal Night at the “old” Popcentrale in Dordrecht on April 6 2013 was my first activity for Sonic Cathedral. Next to Ex Libris with Dianne van Giersbergen (also Xandria) a French band called Whyzdom was present. They impressed with their interpretation of symphonic oriented[…]

150823-05 Stream of Passion 065 [Marcela Bovio]

Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion celebrated this year their 10th anniversary. My first encounter with SoP was when the playing “Embrace the Storm” in 2005 in the old Bibelot. It started more or less as a project of Arjen Lucassen. At that time they already  impressed and[…]



Autumn is around already for a long time and are an interesting band to have in the line-up. They always bring something special. In this case they made my life very easy writing this item because the asked me to make their “Press  statement” public. Dutch[…]



FemME in October is getting closer. In the time to the festival I will give some personal notes related to the bands that will perform on FemME. The first one is Aeverium. This band from Germany is picked as first one because of their performance[…]

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Special Event on October 15

  Screening Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows with acoustic set of Stream of Passion With a.o. Alissa White-Gluz, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Charlotte Wessels, Doro Pesch, Floor Jansen, Kobra Paige, Marcela Bovio and Simone Simons. Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows is a documentary film (interview, concert and[…]

Day Schedule

Many already have asked which band is playing on which day. Here is the answer to that question. The headliners are on top of the list. For the sequence of the other bands I used a randomizer. The schedule will be released when all is final.[…]