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140510-03 Dyonisis 015 [Marcus Cave, Nel Cave, Louisa Welsby]


The only thing I can say about Dyonisis is, that they are special. If you will use the common definition of Metal  I have to admit it’s not Metal. There are hints towards more heavy music but the most is melancholic and melodic. The reason for being at FemME is the set they played at Dames of Darkness in 2014. There they impressed in a heavy setting and were able to convince the audience. Quite some people were flabbergasted, so much impact it had. I immediately got their album  ‘Intoxicated’ and if I want something less heavy it’s very often in my player.

The singers Nel and Lou bring the intensely personal lyrics with great emotion. This, as they call it, psychedelia for the broken-hearted for sure is special midst the more heavy stuff.  Nevertheless I’m convinced that they will have a similar impact at FemME. I’m looking forward seeing them play and recommend all to check Dyonisis @ the Aardschok Stage on Saturday.

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