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First names 2017

We’re proud to announce the first six names of FemME, 22-34 September 2017 in Eindhoven. First some Dutchies, Delain that celebrated their 10th anniversary last week will do a special show at FemME. The headliner of the first edition MaYaN is back again. The music, the fun on stage and their energy are the triggers. We’re also pleased to give a stage to the new initiative of Eric Hazebroek (Stream of Passion, Ditch) en Marjan Welman (Autumn) with vetrar.
Mix Doom and Gothic and you will get WS. These Maltesers got great reviews of their 4th album “Opus IV Oblivion”. Edge of Paradise (US) that’s quite well-known in their home country will hit for the first time a European stage at FemME. The last one doesn’t play that often. We’re happy that the Italian Theatres will hit the FemME stage to present us their recent album “Candyland” live.

Some major renewals in the setup of the Festival. Where the previous editions were located at de Effenaar only, we now do have an all Eindhoven party. On Friday 22 September the bands will play at Dynamo. On Saturday 23 September we will be back at the stages of the Effenaar. For the acoustic Sunday 24 September we will use the Theater Stage of Blue Collar.
In addition to this we will have a pre-party on 21 September at Dynamo.
The last for now, don’t forget the daily after-party (with band) at the Jack.
Don’t worry, all venues are at walking distance in the city center.

Tickets are only available at JBM
NOTE: we have a special price for the 3-day ticket for 2016 and be aware that the Theater stage can hold only 200 visitors.

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