Photo Book 2016 (pre-order)

Photo Book 2016 (pre-order)

Photobook FemME edition 2016
A selection of live photos of the bands that played at the third edition of FemME .
For those that were present a recall of memories. For others it might be a teaser for a next edition.

Printed on A4 landscape Photo Paper with a Hard Cover.
40 pages of photos by Ton Dekkers, Wendy Steenmans and Jim Wilkinson.Cover

The book can be pre-ordered until 15 August 2017. We need a minimum of 50 copies to achieve given price level.

When the goal is not reached, payment will be returned.

Delivery will start at FemME 2017 (22-24 September 2017).

Prices including VAT and postage (weight 600 gram).
To keep things simple we ask Dutch and Euro 1 region buyers a small surplus in Shipping and Delivery to get to two price levels.
Shipping & Handling NL = 6.00 Euro / World = 13.00 Euro
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As a service for those that will be at FemME a pick-up option is available.

Pick-up    Price including VAT: 30.00 EURO
Book 2016 PU:
Netherlands     Price including VAT and postage: 36.00 EURO
Book 2016 NL:
World Price including VAT and postage: 43.00 EURO
Book 2016 W: