FemMe IV will be held on multiple stages in Eindhoven.

Heavy Friday (22 September 2017) will be at Dynamo.

Heavy Saturday (23 September 2017) will be at de Effenaar.

Both stages, the small and the large stage, will be used for the event during these days.

Acoustic Sunday (24 September 2017) will be at Blue Collar Theater.


Pre-Party (22 September 2017) will be at Dynamo.


After Party with live music (21, 22 and 23 September)will be at at the Jack.


NOTE: All location are at walking distance from each other.


Click photo for more info on de Effenaar (in Dutch / English)


De Effenaar










Travel to Eindhoven:

By Car
The easiest way is to follow from all directions the signs ‘centrum’ / ‘station’ until Centraal Station Eindhoven. If you are at the Central Station you can see de Effenaar. Mind: In your navigation system Do NOT enter Dommelstraat as address, use Stationsweg. I that case you will be on the right side (parking space).

Parking: discount on P1 Parking Kennedyplein when visiting de Effenaar
If your visiting de Effenaar you pay only  € 6,00 instead of  € 10,00 when parking at P1 Parking Kennedyplein. Mind, you need to be parked in P1 Parking Kennedyplein and buy your exit ticket at the desk of the Effenaar.
Navigation: Kennedyplein 80 – The other side of Central Station, walk through the Station, exit ‘centrum’. Outside go left and at about 150 meter you will see, on the other side of the street, de Effenaar.

Oberhausen – Eindhoven = 105KM
Osnabrück – Eindhoven = 250KM
Dortmund – Eindhoven = 150KM
Düsseldorf – Eindhoven = 115KM
Köln – Eindhoven = 145KM
Frankfurt – Eindhoven = 340KM

Antwerpen – Eindhoven = 90KM
Brussels – Eindhoven = 130KM
Liege – Eindhoven = 115KM

Paris – Eindhoven = 430KM

United Kingdom:
London – Eindhoven = 450KM

By Public Transport

When arriving by train, take the exit ‘centrum’. Outside go left and at about 150 meter you will see, on the other side of the street, de Effenaar.

You can prepare you trip (Dutch/English) by


By Plane

Take a flight directly to Eindhoven (direct bus connection with Central Station) or book a flight to Amsterdam (direct train connection), Rotterdam, Brussels, Dortmund or Düsseldorf.

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