Femme club tour

FemME Club Tour

28 December 2018
We're proud to announce a new FemME Club Tour in POPEI with Vetrar Draugurinn, Scarlet Stories & Enter the Void on April 20th!
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Femme 2018 signing sessions announced

FemME 2018 Signing Sessions Announced!

09 October 2018
During FemME V - Female Metal Event 2018 there will be signing sessions with all the performing bands! Meet your favorite FemME artists at the FemME or Painted Bass Records Stand. NOTE: Cellar Darling & Beyond the Black will only be doing a signing session, no meet & greet. Tickets for FemME 2018 are still available on www.nuppel.com/category/femme
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Time schedule femme 2018 has been announced

Time Schedule FemME 2018 has been announced!

01 October 2018
The time schedule for FemME V - Female Metal Event 2018 is now online! Do you have your tickets already? Tickets & Info: www.nuppel.com/category/femme
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