Club tour Leaves' Eyes

Club tour leaves eyes30 April 2016
Leaves' Eyes Official with will hit the stage with new front lady Elina Siirala as headliner of the FemME Club Tour. Their only club show in the Netherlands. The Norwegian Symphonic Metal Band, started in 2003, is in the mean time one of the most loved in the Gothic Rock/Metal scene.

Take well renowned Swiss medical research, add some furious guitars and sprinkle with fat
electro sounds. Finally glaze with a female voice, half angel half devil. Get your energizing metal therapy with “Awaraxid 7mg”, the last November-7 album. Available live, on CD and pills.


They played as back-up at the second edition of FemME. Their symphonic progressive metal is appreciated so well that they are a prefferred support. After Liv solo upcoming period Van Canto and Delain. And now End of the Dream is here.


Their style can be described as a mixture from gothic-metal, classical music, folkmusic and melodic metal. Influenced by bands as Therion, In Extremo, Nightwish and Kamelot Valkyre provides you with a nice blend of atmosphere and metal heaviness.