FEMME 2023

We can announce the dates and venues of FemME 2023 and of other relevant activities linked to FemME.

28 April: Muziekcafe Helmond NL (pre-party)
29 April: Cacaofabriek Helmond NL (10th Anniversary)

30 April: Muziekcafe Helmond NL (after-party)

Like in the old days we do have FemME battles for 2 slots at FemME 2023.

The dates:Preliminary NL: 13 November 2022 Muziekcafe, Helmond

Preliminary BE: 20 November 2022 Ragnarock Live Club

Preliminary DE: 22 November 2022 Pitcher, Dusseldorf
European Final: 28 January 2023 The Box, Hilvarenbeek NL

Bands can apply using battle @ femalemetalevent .nl (remove spaces)